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A Future Without Worry

Plan for the future with Long-Term Care Insurance

We'd like to think we're all seemingly invincible and don't like to think about the future. But the truth of the matter is, we will all get older and hopefully have the privilege of a long and healthy life. People are living longer and longer these days due to medical advancements and better self-care. How do we plan for a happy and healthy older age with as little financial strain as possible?

That's Why Long-Term Care Insurance

Because of old age, mental or physical illness, or injury, some people find themselves in need of help with common activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, and just plain moving. If you're needing assistance with 2 of the 6 common activities of daily living, you need long-term care for a short or long period of time. And Long-Term Care gets expensive quickly!

Yes, eventually your Medicare will help you pay for skilled care such as medical nursing or rehabilitative services, but Long-Term Care won't be covered under any regular health insurance plan. If you need help or have questions about the difference between this and medical insurance, visit our Health insurance page or reach out to one of our expert agents.

Getting injured is possible and may require Long-Term Care, but getting older is eventual; plan for the future and you and your family can relax knowing the financials of your long-term care are taken care of. Call us at 760-245-2561, email us, or fill out the form below to request more information from one of our Long-Term Care Insurance Specialists:

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