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Nick Padilla and the staff are always helpful with my questions/concerns with my carrier. He does not hesitatant to contact them on my behalf and promptly gets back to me.

You’re absolutely wonderful to work with and your service provides me and my family with tremendous piece of mind, particularly when I’m on the road. You and the rest of the Armstrong-Fairway staff really are the best.

I have been with Armstrong Fairway for a few years now and couldn't be happier! They are always so helpful and professional. I refer my family and friends all the time.

A little bit over a year ago, I had faced with a problem. After about 2 years of paying for HMO health insurance for my wife and I, my monthly charge jumped from $600 to $989 in month! I knew that it I had no choice but to take a plunge into Obamacare.

I tried for days to figure out their website and to say it was confusing would be a major understatement. I called Armstrong-Fairway insurance for help. In no time at all, Casey and her incredible staff took over the process, had me answer some basic questions and got me hooked up with a PPO for an incredible rate!

And the story does not end there. At my recent tax appoint I was missing a crucial form related to my Obamacare insurance, and not understanding what was needed exactly, I called Armstrong Fairway again, and they got me the forms I needed within a couple of hours! This is not a company that forgets about their clients once the initial business is done! I cannot recommend them highly enough!

I heard about Armstrong Fairway through a friend of mine and couldn't be more pleased with their services. I've used many different insurance companies but none of them have been as friendly, courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable as Armstrong Fairway. Their great customer service is outstanding! If you aren't happy with your current insurance, give them a try!

I am blown away by the level of professionalism by Casey and her team. They have navigated me through the dark quagmires of health insurance since the disastrous changeover to Obamacare. Any issue that I encountered with my provider and there were many, I would call Armstrong Fairway and it would be resolved within the day, if not immediately. They are friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and most importantly, patient! I can imagine that Casey's team goes on annual Buddhist meditation retreats. I have used many different insurance agents over the years, and Casey's team is simply the best, bar none.

Super nice on the phone, and super helpful, too.

Took a personal interest in my issues, and while, in the end, she couldn't help me (for technical reasons beyond her control), she pointed me in the right direction and was genuinely helpful even without a financial interest.

Awesome service Shannoa it was a pleasure speaking with you today! Thank you for making my busniess transaction so fast and efficiently.

“I have been with Armstrong Fairway Insurance for 5 years. I made the switch many years ago and they have saved me a ton of money every year. They were also able to offer me way more coverage than my previous provider. The Team at Armstrong Fairway Insurance is by far the Best Insurance Service Provider In The Desert.” 

“I have been a customer of Armstrong Fairway Insurance for the past few years and I couldn't be more   pleased with the service and professionalism of all the associates from there. I trust them explicitly  with all my personal insurance needs and as far as their community involvement there is never a question     when someone needs some support from them, they are there. My wife Patty and I are always referring   our friends  and neighbors to them whenever we have the opportunity.”

“Four cars, homeowners, and my commercial building all taken care of under one roof by the High Desert’s best insurance staff. I love the girls at Armstrong Fairway!!!” 

Just when one thinks customer service is a thing of the past, you've restored my faith!
Jenn T.
Thank you for always getting evidences of insurance to us in such a timely fashion! I know that you can always be counted on to get the job done!
March 26th, 2015

My agent worked with me to get all of my papers in order and going smoothly. Best insurance agency I have ever worked with!

You guys are awesome. I was recommended by a friend and did the same, after my experience.

Quite pleasant young ladies to deal with. Have already informed others of the agency's prowess.

Casey Armstrong & staff are the best!
Thomas & Athena Calvin

I love Armstrong Fairway Insurance!
-Denise Hamilton

At a time when I needed it the most, I received excellent customer service with regards to my health insurance needs. Every question was answered expeditiously and with professionalism. Thank you so much!

-Edwin Lum

Everyone there is nice and on top of their clients needs!

-Robert L. Taylor
January, 2014

Great insurance company fun, friendly, fast.

-EJ Frisbee
January, 2014

Nice friendly staff. People who care

-Shyla Flores
January, 2014

Great people easy to work with. Nice to see customer service is still around.

-Phillip Nielsen
October, 2014

Awesome! They answer all my crazy questions and provide excellent service.

-Todd Hazalastnaim
February, 2014

Best Service Ever! I refer every I know!!

-Patty Orr
November 6th, 2014

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