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NATIONAL INSURANCE AWARENESS DAY How's your policy doing? Today is Insurance Awareness Day, and it serves as a reminder to review your policy or policies and make sure you: Understand your coverage. The coverage is still enough for your needs. READ MORE >>

Welcome to California, the most litigious state in our great nation!  No matter where you live, lawsuits relating to the workplace have been on the rise in recent years.  Of course, we all do all we can to make our employees happy, but things do happen regardless of the company's size. READ MORE >>

It's funny how when you deal with a thing every day, you have a whole new experience when you are on the other side of the equation.  Having gone through a minor medical thing recently, I echo what the writer of this fabulous article has to say.  It's one thing to sell insurance products. READ MORE >>

Not too long ago, I was enjoying time with friends on their porch and I commented on the new holes in their lawn.  No, it wasn't gophers.  Turns out they had just had a terribly expensive surprise visit from the plumber due to their old pipes bursting.  It cost them a cool $10,000.   READ MORE >>

   Landlord Insurance Do’s and Don’ts   got tenants? If you answered yes well you definitely want to make sure you have the correct insurance policy to cover you. There is a difference between your standard Homeowners insurance and Landlord insurance policies. READ MORE >>

    To File a Claim, or Not to File a Claim…That is the Question       Filing insurance is always such a touchy subject.  Whether you were involved in a car accident, had a falling tree destroy your fence, or been unfortunate enough to find your home has been flooded by a pipe that burst, the cost of repairs can be inundating. READ MORE >>

Supervisor Lovingood welcomes D.A. Anderson’s focus on workers' compensation fraud Workers' compensation fraud is big business, and the San Bernardino County District Attorney Jason Anderson is committed to putting it out of business. READ MORE >>

Did You See What’s New With Worker’s Comp? If you have employees, you’ve definitely dabbled with Worker’s Comp insurance and PROBABLY know it’s not always the most fun part of being a business owner.   Well, we have a little good news to pass along. READ MORE >>

  New Year’s Resolution It’s a new year and you’ve already made your New Year’s Resolutions, but how about adding one more thing to that list?  Understanding your insurance coverage. Between eating healthier, getting in shape, traveling more and winning the lotto, you can squeeze one more thing in there, right? READ MORE >>

  Welcome, Kaylee! Hello and happy Summer! We want to introduce you to Kaylee Strasser, our summer intern. Kaylee was born and raised here in the High Desert and graduated from Apple Valley High School in 2016. Following graduation, she moved to San Diego to further her education. READ MORE >>

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