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California law says you have to have it.  The minimum coverage required by the state is 15,000/30,000/5,000, but is that enough?  Car insurance can be confusing and leave you with a lot of unanswered questions.  Think you don't need Medical coverage because you have health insurance?  Confused whether you need Liability or Full coverage?  Why would anyone need Uninsured coverage if everyone has to have insurance?  


You've got questions, and we at Armstrong-Fairway Insurance can pave the way with answers!  It’s our job as an independent insurance agent to look at your budget and match coverage with your needs.  We'll answer all your questions fueling you with a better understanding of your policy.  No one wants to have to use (or even think about) their insurance, but in the event you need it you will be glad to know how it works.  Let us help!



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We at Armstrong-Fairway Insurance are in the business of education.  While we are only licensed in CA, we can help anyone by arming them with information.   If you’re just shopping or trying to learn more about auto insurance, here’s a quick quiz to put you in the driver’s seat with your Auto insurance.

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How much can you afford to pay if you get in an accident? Think of insurance like a scale… if you pay less monthly, you’ll have to pay more if you have an accident.

What’s the most you’d be able to pay in the event of an accident? That’s a good gauge to know what deductible may be your best bet.

What is the insurance company's level of service and ability to pay claims? You want to be in good hands with a reputable company.

What discounts are available? Ask about good driver, multi-policy, and good student discounts. Like your parents say, you won’t get a discount if you don’t ask!

What's the procedure for filing and settling a claim? Ask who to call and what happens after you file a claim as well as the turnaround time.















What's It All Mean?


What in the world do all these terms mean!? It can become confusing pretty quickly when trying to read an insurance contract.

Let’s break some common terms down so you know what you’re looking at.

And head over to our Glossary Page for more common insurance terms and definitions.

Bodily Injury Liability provides coverage to an accident victim if there’s a lawsuit. It’s required by the State of California.

Collision covers damage when your vehicle hits another vehicle or object.

Comprehensive covers damage from something other than a collision like hitting a deer, brokenwindshield, theft, or flood.

Medical Payments offers medical coverage for the policyholder and their family in the event of a collision, regardless of fault. It will also provide coverage for pedestrians who are hit by a vehicle. Many options are available to provide funeral expenses and other important coverage needed when you are hurt and cannot work.

Property Damage Liability covers the cost of any damage your vehicle causes to another person's property. While this usually means the other vehicle(s) involved in an accident, it can also include homes, garages, and more.

Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist pays for the damages that result from an accident caused by an uninsured motorist. Although it is law to have insurance, you’d be surprised how many people break the rules. This also pays for damage which cost more than an under-insured motorist's coverage can pay for.

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